CSI: Cyber Review – TV CBS

CSI: Cyber isn't the worst of the acronym-titled efforts out there, but it is probably the most confusing in terms of its target. It's filled with flash and spectacle, and loaded with very smart cops and sadly stupid plots and dialog. It's serviceable, in a strange way, and has a great cast, but it's silly. Which means it will probably be another hit.

Wayward Pines Review – TV FOX

Wayward Pines is likely to go down in television history as one of the perfect examples of having everything work well, and having the fact not matter because the story is so depressingly goofy.

The Slap Review – TV NBC – High Drama Meets Flaccid Characterizations

The Slap is a good idea (with a silly name) that goes too far to ultimately maintain its own effort. It's guilty pleasure at best, and hard to distinguish from soap operas, except for its delusions of grandeur.

Murder In The First TV Review – TNT

Murder in the First is a prime example of not knowing how to work the idea you've got. Two steps past drama isn't "better drama," it's just being silly, and with characters asked to deliver several levels, they aren't real, reacting almost at random. On the other hand, if you like Scandal...
Secrets and Lies Ryan Phillippe Juliette Lewis

Secrets & Lies Review – TV ABC

Secrets and Lies stumbles over its delivery, making for a difficult entry into its story, but there is hope that it can turn things around, though it doesn't have long to make that happen.