How to Get Away with Murder Review TV ABC Viola Davis

How To Get Away With Murder Review – TV ABC

How to Get Away with Murder has a lot of problems, that aren't likely to matter in terms of ratings, but chief among them is just that it is so insulting.

Scream Queens Review – TV FOX – If You Love AHS This Is Your...

Scream Queens is a kind of trick of marketing intended to have two AHS series on at the same time without having to admit. It's the sorority version, and is littered with the mind-numbing action and characters we witnessed in the last few season of AHS. You know where you are.
MacGyver - CBS

MacGyver Review – TV – CBS Reboots A Classic. Misses Completely.

MacGyver is right in line with a slew of network offerings that are after the stupid market, believing they are out there and need shows too, but it's one step from self-mockery and all but unwatchable.