Moone Boy Season 3 Chris O'Dowd

Hulu Original Moone Boy Returns May 13th

One of the funniest shows out right now, Chris O'Dowd's Moone Boy is coming back for season three, and you've got to get this show on your radar.

Inside Amy Schumer Returns April 21st, And It’s Better Than Ever

Inside Amy Schumer takes things to another level with the new season, and adds tons of guest stars. You don't want to miss it.

Other Space Review – TV Yahoo – Paul Feig Hopes To Kill In Space

Other Space feels almost like a sketch comedy show that just keeps doing the same sketch, but in a good way. It's own non-commentary commentary look at throwing young people to wolves, and the culture that prepares them for nothing... or whatever.
Daredevil Review Netflix

Daredevil Review – Netflix Nails Comic Action And Mythos

Daredevil's main positive is the lack of negatives, which is rare in the comic genre. Cox is brilliant, and makes you want to put in your order for the fourth season on Blu-Ray. It's so good that it almost becomes a cruel trick that Netflix puts them all there for you at once.

The Comedians Review – TV FX – The Office Reinvents Abbot & Costello

The Comedians may find that it is too clever for its own good, but having a home on FX will probably help. It's one of the funniest shows I've seen in ages, but you may have to be a bigger fan of Crystal than Gad to get everything out of it.