Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Release Training Video For VT Pilots

June 19th is a date to mark for those interested in war-based video games, as Capcom releases Steel Battlion: Heavy Armor. The wild and wooly style war vehicle largely...
interstellar app

Interstellar App Launches On Google Play

Fly around your own solar system, or someone else's, with the Interstellar App now on Google Play and Chrome.

Cars 2 XBOX Review

Oddly given something of a beating by a lot of critics, one thing is clear about Cars 2 The Movie, it was something of a more "grown up" affair....

Disney Planes Video Game Announced – Exclusive To Nintendo Systems Plus Bonus Character Posters

Possibly a nice addition to the flying game genre hits with Disney's Planes for Nintendo systems.

L.A. Noire Xbox Review

L.A. Noire is without question a major step in the video gaming industry. The trouble with that statement is that a lot of things can be major steps, without...