Tiger Woods – iPhone App Version Played Preview

For me, the EASports Season Opener was dominated by Tiger Woods.  I got a special preview of the Wii version of Tiger Woods PGATour 10 which hits stores on...

Civil War Today App Review

As the AppStore overloads with options, and consumers battle with the competing ideas that, on the one hand, there really is an App for that (productivity, education, information, news),...

Are Video Games Art? Roger Ebert Opens The Debate- Again

I happened across a similarly titled article at SciFi Wire this morning, which offered a counterpoint in that Sir Ben Kingsley seems to be of the opinion that video...
interstellar app

Interstellar App Launches On Google Play

Fly around your own solar system, or someone else's, with the Interstellar App now on Google Play and Chrome.

Want To Control Your TV With Your Phone?

Control everything with your phone? Well, TVs are moving that way.