Write For RU?

Well, you clicked the link, so you know why you’re here.

Are You Screening? is expanding its ability to cover the world of screens, and you might be just the person to help. Probably not, frankly, but maybe!

We’re looking for writers who want to cover TV, Movies, Video Games, Apps, and anything else in the screening realm. If you want to make your views known to the world, here’s your chance. Whether you’re willing to knock out five articles a week, or one a month, we’ll work with you to get your voice heard.

If you happen to be in the New York or Los Angeles areas, massive bonus opportunities may be in store for you.

Are You Screening? gets offered screening dates, premiere coverage, festivals, set visits, interviews, review DVDs, App review codes, insider information, and loads of other bits of fantasticness from all areas of the screening world, and there’s no way most of it can be covered at the moment. You may not get paid (but, you may), but you can partake of some pretty cool treats.

Ready to sign up?

If you’re interested, you have to convince us you can write, and you have to give us some idea of your tastes (not that they will necessarily make any difference, but we want to know what they are). Plus, tell us a decent amount about yourself, so we have some feel for who you are.

How you do these things is up to you, but a good idea would be to let us in on several reviews (or relevant samples) you’ve written at the very least.

Other than that, convince us however you think will work best.

When you’ve figured out if you’re in, please visit our Contact page and be sure to include “Write for RU?” in the subject.


Looking for another option, or don’t already have a lot of samples to offer us?

Try a few guest posts using the form below. We’ll review your offering, add images and format for you, and you could see your writing here.