Lost Girl Anna Silk
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Lost Girl is returning to Syfy on Friday, April 17th, for its fifth, and final season, and its time to get excited for the return of Bo.

I got a chance to talk with Anna Silk recently, and it was quite the adventure trying to get any information out of her about the season. Syfy fans who are hot for spoilers will know that since the show has aired already in Canada, it probably isn’t too hard to find out some information, but Anna stuck to her guns about not giving things away… except for one little hint, and a few vague suggestions.

The show obviously lives and dies with Bo, and Silk’s ability to bring the kind of charisma to the character that helps to suck in audiences, and it was a treat to talk with her. Transcripts never do an interview justice, and I have to tell you, nothing came through more than her strong connection with the show… and the fact that she likes to laugh (because I’m not that funny), which is a great trait to find in someone you’re interviewing.

If you need to catch up, you need to check out Syfy‘s page for the show, which also includes season recaps that will let you in on the highlights, which are usefully for finally getting your friends to join in on the fun.

Lost Girl Anna Silk
Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures

It’s the series end, do you feel that it’s gotten a chance to do everything? Is it better to end with a plan as opposed to risking going on too long, or could the show have used another season?¬†

Anna Silk: I honestly think that I could not be happier with how the show ended. I know that sounds a little… boring, but it’s true. I fell like we really got to tell the story we wanted to tell. The producers and showrunners brought such a great arc for the end. I had so much fun this season. Bo was so strong. I really enjoyed where we went. The last couple of episodes, filming was so special for the cast and crew. I think everyone was very happy, and I hope audiences will see where we took the show, and feel the same kind of joy and heartbreak.

I know you can’t say anything specific, but the way the season progresses, do you get a clear ending… that leaves us knowing where Bo is?

AS: It’s kind of like when you read a really good book and you get to the end. There’s definitely things that get wrapped up, and answers that are given, but you still think about those characters, and imagine them having a life outside what’s happened. To me, that’s what I thought with the last episode. So, it’s a bit of both. There are definitely things… that end. That’s good. That’s what happens in life. There are things we have to say goodbye to and move forward. But, there are things that are left open.

The first episode teaser on Syfy’s website says, “Bo will go to Hel and back to save Kenzi, but can she…,” can you give any hints about how this plays out? (It seems very strange with the case of this show, because people could actually go online and find the “spoilers,” since the show has aired in Canada)

AS: Season 5 picks up shortly after season 4 ended, and as audiences will remember, it ended with some pretty tragic events, and Kenzi is… gone. Is she dead? Is she gone? We don’t know.

Bo is on a mission. That’s where season 5 starts. She’s really clear-headed. She’s focused, and she’s really driven to get Kenzi back. And, we all know Bo, she won’t stop at anything. The first two episodes are a two-part episode, so we really pick up and drive forward.

So, I can’t tell you what happens, but it’s a really good start to the season.

At the very least, it’s not as final as it might seem.

AS: Well… no, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t shift.

Lost Girl Anna Silk Season 5
Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures

This is obviously going to be a difficult subject to get information, but everyone wants to know about the Lauren/Dyson triangle. Is there anything you can tell me about that as the season progresses, and does Bo end up… in a happy place?

AS: The love triangle, which we started early in the show, I think right in the first episode it began. It’s always been a big part of the show, and a big part of who Bo is. Yes, Bo is a succubus, and has a lot of relationships, but that particular triangle is really strong and special to her, and very meaningful to her.

It continues to be a big part of the show in season 5. It’s interesting where it goes… There are some bold moves, and I was really happy with where it all ends up… which, of course, I cannot talk about. But, I’m very curious to see fan response at the end.

Is there… it’s hard to figure out a question you can answer… as the show has progressed, there have been times when Dyson is… a bit removed now, and at another point Lauren is “over there” now, so it’s not a “hot triangle,” at some points. By the time we get to the end, does it get to a kind of stable point?

AS: I don’t know if the love life of a succubus can ever be stable. It… becomes more clear.

Ok, switching over to conflicts… much of the show has gone season-to-season with a main problem/villain, while obviously surrounded by a lot of other conflicts resolving through that… is there a main thing we have to conquer this season?

Yes. I would say the main… theme this season is family. What Bo’s roots really are, which will have huge implications for everyone. So, we explore family, also in the sense of the family Bo has made. We definitely delve into all of that stuff in more detail.

Season 4 was very mythology based. So, we’ve answered a lot of those questions, and opened doors there. But, we get more into current relationships, and play into those a little more. It’s very balanced.

Anna Silk Lost Girl Season 5
Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures

It kicks off with… speaking of mythology – I can pretend I don’t know things (that have aired somewhere), you can not be allowed to talk about things – but, the season starts with some cool mythology, and… different mythology, that’s very interesting.

AS: It is. It’s a question of finding characters that can rival those we have. You’ve got to bring in equally strong, if not stronger, characters.

That plays into another question, the show has, from the beginning… you know, you need a road map and a program handy to keep track of everything. We think we have an idea what’s going on, and suddenly there is some other Fae group or power. Is there going to be a whole lot more of that, or do we largely stick with what we have now?

AS: There are definitely some new players in town. But, they are introduced in a way that makes sense. They aren’t just out of nowhere. It’s a force much greater than Bo could have imagined. So, we have some new characters. And, we had some really great actors come on the show that were a lot of fun to work with, and brought a lot to the screen. But, we don’t lose sight of the core group of characters.

That’s good, because there’s a danger there at some point that you keep adding new things, and then you have to wonder why we haven’t heard of that before.

AS: No, you have to stay true to the bigger picture. But, the audience, like Bo, has no concept at the beginning how powerful her roots are, so the audience is discovering it all with her. So, that’s why it feels right.

So, I read another interview where you talked about this dream list of things you wanted to do on the show, and then you got to do them all. Can you give any of them away?

AS: It’s really tough because, Canadian audiences have seen a little bit of that… When I said that, it came from a dinner with our showrunner¬†this year, and he asked me, “Is there something you want to do this year?” It was just a conversation, and some of the things I said, not as a joke, but I was just imagining… and they just kept arriving in scripts. Which is great, because it shows a lot of respect for me… for him to take my thoughts and put them into play, was really wonderful. You know, some of them were more playful.

I’d love to talk about them once the season is done, if anyone wants to know what they are.

But, some of them are very character-based. You know, Bo is very powerful, and I would love to see where that goes, without losing her human side, because that’s a very important part of who she is, and what makes her special. And, that involves her sensitivity and vulnerability. So, that was something that was put into the scripts in a more subtle way.

The other things were more fun, and I got to do them.

And, you’re not going to say what they are?

AS: I can’t. There’s an homage to another female heroine from past films. That was something I was hinting at in season 2, and we finally did it.

As an actress, is it tricky to play a role when we keep learning new things about her and she keeps changing?

AS: As an actress, this kind of role is a total gift. I got to do the craziest things on the show… my memory was erased, I went undercover, there’s been all sorts of fighting, and there’s drama and comedy. It’s just a total gift.

In terms of her past. The thing about it is that Bo learns this stuff on fly, and she has to adjust, but you just play the present moment. Whatever she just learned, she just learned, so there’s no real adjusting to the past. You just play to the present.

So, just to shake things up, and let people get a bit of a feel for you, I wanted to ask what things you’re watching.

AS: The show kept me really busy, so in the off-season I would binge watch shows. And, I had a baby, so I didn’t watch anything for a while. So, I’m very behind.

Currently, I’m watching In Treatment on HBO, which is really wonderful. I love shows with really strong female characters. I love The Good Wife. I loved Breaking Bad.

But, currently, at night, I watch In Treatment. Totally different from anything sci-fi. It’s really wonderful, and amazing acting.


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