Ghostbusters Trailer Hits Nostalgia Marks And Lays On The Slime

The continuation of Ghostbusters is an idea that has been plagued with the sort of problems, rumors, and twists that become industry legend, but today that’s all one step closer to being forgotten.

The trailer is finally out, and even though it can’t compare to the pure awesomeness that was the trailer for the original (just like this film…), it’s a pretty solid look at what we’ll be getting.

There was much gnashing of teeth when it was announced that there would be a female cast version of the classic film, but even the most cynical viewers may be forced to give this one a chance now.

Adding fuel to those cynical views is the fact that Melissa McCarthy‘s last few films – Spy, Tammy, and The Heat – have wildly overplayed the weight humor, and didn’t come close to tapping into her obvious potential. That’s the sort of thing that might be written off to problems in the industry, except that she wrote Tammy, so her comedic sensibilities are legitimately called into question, despite her talent.

Luckily, the trailer seems to present us with a character that, though perhaps a little socially inept, doesn’t seem likely to fail to hop over a counter, or crawl through car windows.

Kate McKinnon was another question mark for the film, even though she has proven herself on SNL. If you’re in the know, you wouldn’t be worried about her, but she hasn’t quite shown up everywhere like McCarthy and Wiig. The trailer goes far to alleviate those concerns as well. She may not be a draw for some demographics, but she shows that she will more than carry her weight in the film.

Kristen Wiig gets less attention in terms of showing off her abilities, though she does get slimed, but she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

The rest of the cast gets the once over, but the theory is that we make up for that by showing off the ghostly effects.

The trailer suggests a motley crew setup, and a twist from the original effort in the form of a potential villain who is behind the sudden upswing in paranormal activity.

Check it out below, and get ready for a whole new generation of Ghostbusters swag.

Ghostbusters Trailer






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