The League’s Katie Aselton Sticks With FX And Joins Legion

Katie Aselton
CR: Matthias Clamer/FX

FX has a knack for producing rabid fans, and while their shows may not have the highest ratings (though some of them do actually), you don’t want to learn there’s a fan of The League in the room if the conversation is going the wrong way.

In the spirit of putting forward your best effort to win a fanbase before a show even exists, FX‘s fantasy league darling, Katie Aselton, has joined one of their newest efforts.

As if Aselton weren’t enough of a draw on her own, the show in question is Legion, an X-Men adaptation, and the mention of that alone ought to have The League fans trying to set their DVRs.

You might think Aselton was busy enough (and/or had too many obligations for HBO) considering she’s on Animals, will be in the upcoming season of Casual, and has the marital obligation role in the second season of Togetherness.

Well, apparently you’d be wrong.

Aselton will play the older to sister to Legion’s lead, Dan Stevens, as she tries to be a kind of touchstone to reality when said brother tries to deal with his mind-reading/hearing voices problems.

Legion has already announced several cast members – Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Keller, and Jean Smart – and begins filming this month. The show is written by Noah Hawley, who is coming off the success of Fargo.


EW can confirm that Aselton has been cast in Legion, an adaptation of the X-Men comics coming via Fargo’s Noah Hawley. Aselton will play Amy, the practical older sister to lead character David Haller (Dan Stevens), who does her best to remain positive, which proves difficult when her brother has spent years in and out of hospitals after being diagnosed as a schizophrenic.

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