Kim Kardashian, whose talents include a certain embodiment of the zeitgeist, and nothing else, took to Twitter to post a nude selfie, which obviously broke the internet.

This, also obviously, led to some response, notably by Chloë Grace Moretz, and Bette Midler of all people.

Midler’s response was a bit of a general WTF, and Kim K. naturally responded in a way that only those who are non-meritoriously famous (read: perpetually nine) might, but Moretz’ response was more of a lamentation at the current state of affairs in the world, and Kim K. didn’t like it.

To the nude selfie, Moretz responded-


and Kim K. responded –


Moretz, of course, of 24 industry award wins and 39 nominations, a lifetime box office gross of about $730 million, and several exceptional roles besides.

But, Kim K. is above responding to comment, because she has more followers than you… but is apparently up on magazine covers.

While Moretz’ comment seemed, strictly speaking, rather innocuously aimed at hoping young women are given rather a broader worldview as they age, especially by those who appear in the pop culture world, it isn’t hard to suppose that there was a certain passive-aggressive jab in there as well.

Given that Kim is famous precisely for her body and an inability to string together coherent sentences, offering up the idea that perhaps young women should strive for something more is counter to Kim’s efforts, and it’s hard to imagine Moretz wasn’t trying to put that in play.


Also, of the general response, Kim added –


This partially in response to comments related to Kanye’s $50 million debt.

For those not absolutely versed in emoji-speak, and/or those who don’t have very small children around the house, this translates as – Oh, were you saying something about social/ethical attitudes and their impact on the lives of women, well, I have lots of money. Basically, Kim is going to continue to post photos and videos like this, regardless of what others say. She regularly posts them on her Instagram story, although those are only live for 24 hours. Unless, of course, you have this app that enables you to save people’s instagram stories forever…


Thanks America.

Oh, and Happy #InternationalWomensDay

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