Game of Thrones is returning April 24th, and the show has finally released a trailer, but don’t expect a lot of information in it, or from anywhere else.

HBO has decided that it will not release episodes to the press ahead of air, and frankly, it’s hard to blame them. What difference could it make?

On the other hand, the trailer does give several hints to what’s coming your way. Certain people are no longer, apparently, quite as powerful as they were. Certain people don’t look like they’re going to be around long. Others just aren’t having a good day. Well, maybe the trailer doesn’t tell you much that you didn’t already know actually.
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Then again, maybe you’ve read all the books, and have a fair idea of which way things are headed overall, but if you only watch the show, there is bound to be something you didn’t expect contained in the trailer.
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One of the coolest moments is when someone admits that, “It was all a lie,” mainly because that seems like it’s going to lead to a mad spiral. But, of course, everything is going to lead to a mad spiral.

Much as it is a decent enough teaser, and has a great song running behind it, it does focus overly on only certain plot chains, while giving one-second glimpses of other people.
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Take a look and get yourself excited for the return of the great game.


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