Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 Finally Reveals More “Heroes”

I suppose everyone in Captain America: Civil War is supposed to be a hero, but now that the lines have been drawn and sides have been chosen… well, we can’t call them all heroes can we?

I mean, Scarlet Witch isn’t a superheroine… exactly.

Anyway, we finally get a bit more to explore, though the new trailer does give us a lot of the same footage as the first one. Even the stuff that we’ve seen already has a few more seconds to it, or is edited in a different way so that we get more continuity of the scene/conversation. Also, we see more destruction, though some of that is from previous films.

There’s also a bit more background to the story, at least in the sense that we can see that our heroes are being given a good talking to. On the downside of the film’s angle – A) it just doesn’t seem like Iron Man is the natural choice for champion of rule following, although I suppose we are meant to play along with the┬ápersonality-altering trials and tribulations we’ve witnessed throughout the universe of all these films. B) I’m not sure the comic film world actually has their finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist. Is everyone really rallying around the metaphoric position right now? With this and Batman v Superman hitting back-to-back, you’d think there would be more connection with the grand scheme of being pissed at superheroes.

But, I suppose none of that matters, because we get to see our favorite characters again, plus some new ones, and…

We finally see Spider-Man.

If nothing else, this is a daring effort, because Marvel has a lot of money left to spend on films over the next dozen years or so, and a movie without a villain, that potentially ends with characters in positions that may not make everyone happy, is a serious risk.

Check out the trailer, and let us know what you think.

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

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