Now You See Me 2 Trailer Goes Meta Showing Smoke And Mirrors Are All That’s There

Now You See Me was certainly an interesting movie, and much of it was entertaining, but the idea of a sequel isn’t something that is born out of the original films story. No, it’s a film for which a sequel makes no sense, because actually the film ultimately makes no sense, but it’s also a film that made well over $300 million on an approximately $70 million budget.

The first part of the film has a lot of things going for it, including simply the fact that it took a lot of notes from some of the better television efforts of recent years. The second part of the film may as well have been written by another person, who wasn’t absolutely sure what happened in the first part. Abandoning the general setup of what might happen if magicians used their abilities for more than just performing on stage, the film ends with real magic wandering into things.

Now You See Me 2 has finally released a trailer. The premise it gives you is rocky, and much of the magic it shows you isn’t of the “how’d he do that” variety, but is instead along the lines of, “Ahh, well, he can actually do magic.”

This makes the addition of Daniel Radcliffe an interesting one.

The film apparently spins another heist angle, but The Four Horseman have a surprise in store for the person attempting to pull their strings, which is tough to get behind if you’ve seen the first film.

The film also has a selection of character posters out. Catch it all below, and let us know what you think about this one.


Now You See Me 2 Trailer


THE FOUR HORSEMEN [Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan] return for a second mind-bending adventure, elevating the limits of stage illusion to new heights and taking them around the globe. One year after outwitting the FBI and winning the public’s adulation with their Robin Hood-style magic spectacles, the illusionists resurface for a comeback performance in hopes of exposing the unethical practices of a tech magnate.

The man behind their vanishing act is none other than WALTER MABRY [Daniel Radcliffe], a tech prodigy who threatens the Horsemen into pulling off their most impossible heist yet. Their only hope is to perform one last unprecedented stunt to clear their names and reveal the mastermind behind it all.



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