So, you’re Disney, you have a property that’s made you kajillions of dollars already, and the related toy/park merchandise sales aren’t exactly dropping off, but you think you can throw out something else that will make you tons more money… might want to jump on that one, right?

The animated Beauty and the Beast was rather a while ago in cinematic terms, and while you can put out a new edition of the Blu-Ray every couple of years, there’s nothing like getting things fresh in people’s minds again. Plus, you could get a lot of big names involved, and your test run, Into the Woods, did even better than you hoped.

Oh sure, it’s probably actually going to be a good movie, and that’s even more likely when you know that Bill Condon is directing, but there’s just got to be a little cynic in you somewhere that wonders if we couldn’t come up with a new idea, as opposed to investing in the continuation of… well, the toys we already have sitting in a warehouse, really.

You don’t really get a glimpse of much, though you can at least make out Emma Watson, but the voices pull you in without even trying. Let’s be honest, this is a movie that doesn’t really need a marketing campaign anyway. You’d already have your ticket if you could get it.

Beauty and the Beast will be out in 2017, and stars: Emma Watson, Ewan McGregorLuke Evans, Dan Stevens, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Josh Gad, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Stanley Tucci, and Kevin Kline.



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