Food Network Hoping To Scare Up Good Time With Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament Of Terror

If Food Network has proven anything over the last few years, it’s that it knows how to take advantage of holidays. To get your in the mood for Halloween, there’s a special Cutthroat Kitchen headed your way. The show is plenty of fun on its own, though some of the specials have gone a little silly with the things people end up having to do, but you can’t go too far when it’s Halloween.

It’s a five-episode tournament that kicks off on September 28th, and ends with a finale episode where the four winners battle it out.

Host Alton Brown won’t be holding anything back, and it isn’t just foods with appropriately “scary” names (blood oranges, Devil’s Food cake) that come into play here. The challenges are also Halloween-themed, like cooking while in outlandish costumes, and using creepy knives.

Get this one down on your calendar, and check out the full info below.



Hosted by Alton Brown, Five-Episode Primetime Tournament Begins Wednesday, September 28th at 10pm ET/PT

Trick or treating takes on a new meaning this fall with the five-episode primetime event Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror, beginning Wednesday, September 28th at 10pm ET/PT on Food Network.

Alton Brown presides over the no-holds-barred Halloween heats, with sixteen crafty chefs cooking their way through spooky sabotages for the chance to win up to $50,000. From a spider web-themed spider roll challenge to a liver and fava beans battle, the competitors must scare up their best dishes while braving witches, mummies, ghosts and zombies. The heats lead up to a final showdown between the four winners to determine the Tournament of Terror champion on Wednesday, October 26th at 10pm.
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“Alton’s wicked sense of humor and diabolical sabotages are sure to get viewers into the Halloween spirit,” said Didi O’Hearn, Senior Vice President, Programming, Food Network & Cooking Channel. “Get ready for a devilishly good time, Cutthroat Kitchen-style!”

Episodes are:
Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror – Heat One

Premieres Wednesday, September 28th at 10pm (all times ET/PT) Heat one begins with a Hannibal Lechter-style liver and fava beans challenge, then the chefs must cook garlic chicken with scary movie blade fingers or knives. For the last round, a blood orange dessert has to be prepared with a séance board sabotage.
Competitors: Trevor McGrath (Queens, New York), Janet Ross (Kansas City, Missouri), Rouha Sadighi (Santa Monica, California), Irvin Williams Jr. (Thomasville, North Carolina)
Judge: Richard Blais


Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror – Heat Two

Premieres Wednesday, October 5th at 10pm (all times ET/PT)
In the second heat, the chefs must make deviled eggs while wearing monster costumes, followed by a spider web-themed spider roll challenge. Finally, one chef has to make a flambéed dessert in a twisted kitchen.
Competitors: Natalie Beck (Palo Alto, California), Paul Friedman (Houston, Texas), Josephine Proul (Philmont, New York), Ian Russell (Kannapolis, North Carolina)
Judge: Antonia Lofaso


Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror – Heat Three

Premieres Wednesday, October 12th at 10pm Round three kicks off with a frog’s leg challenge in a graveyard, then the chefs must make a witch’s stew while riding around on a witch’s broom. Finally, one chef has to make devil’s food cake with spooky tools.
Competitors: Christian Brown (Henrico, North Carolina), Jenny Goycochea (San Diego, Calif ornia), Michael Jenkins (Astoria, New York), Ulfet Ralph (Milan, Ohio)
Judge: Jet Tila
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Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror – Heat Four

Premieres Wednesday, October 19th at 10pm
In the fourth heat, the chefs have to cut their steak tartare with deadly weapons and dig up their Fra Diavolo ingredients in a graveyard. Then one chef has to make a pumpkin dessert inside a chamber filled with autum n leaves.
Competitors: Oz Blackaller (San Diego, California), Chase Meneely (Denver, Colorado), Johnny Messina (Hermosa Beach, California), Tiffany Nelson-Ermon (Chicago, Illinois)
Judge: Simon Majumdar


Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror – Finale

Premieres Wednesday, October 26th at 10pm The four heat winners return for the tournament finale, which begins with the chefs shopping for Bloody Mary ingredients in a dark, haunted pantry. Then a bone-in dish must be prepared on a flaming organ, followed by a candy challenge on a possessed, spinning bed. The last chef standing is named winner of the Tournament of Terror.
Judge: Anne Burrell

Viewers can get an extra taste of terror with behind-the-scenes photos and videos at and Alton’s After-Show, where he reveals the sabotages to the judges and they just may give them a try.

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