You might be a little surprised to learn that Robert Redford, Rooney Mara, and Jason Segel are coming your way March 31st in a sci-fi mind-bender… and you might be surprised that Redford, Mara, and Segel are in a sci-fi mind-bender, but you now have proof of both.

The Discovery is a film coming to Netflix, and it is one that takes sci-fi to new heights, just without ray guns and spaceships.

You don’t quite get there from the trailer, which aims mostly to set the surreal stage, as opposed to relaying the synopsis, but The Discovery revolves around a love story set in a very strange future after it has been scientifically proven that there is an afterlife. That proof leads to the (one has to imagine) unintended aftermath that is a mass wave of suicides by people who would rather just “get there.”

With that stage set, we now jump in with Segel and Mara, who apparently have somewhat troubled pasts, and try to figure out what we do with a love story surrounded by a world in which “opting out” is becoming so popular.

The Discovery Movie Netflix
courtesy Netflix

This is going to be one you definitely want to check out, and while the cast is certainly a sell, the real reason is that it is directed and co-written by Charlie McDowell, and co-written by Justin Lader. This is the team that brought us the brilliant The One I Love, which starred Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss. That one was similarly a sci-fi effort that simply involved adding something bizarre to the world and seeing where that made the chips fall.


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