Girls Season 4 Digital Release Review

HBO’s Girls, and Lena Dunham herself, have proven nothing more completely than that they cannot be ignored. You may talk about loving the show, and you may talk about hating the show, but you’re talking about the show.

All episodes of the series are now available in digital HD release format. The release offers the excellent video quality you’d expect by now, and a couple of short bonuses, including a two part set-visit featurette that mostly gives interview clips with the stars talking about the show and their characters.

Possibly the craziest spin in the show’s history, season four moves our characters both backward and forward in order to create even more pressing and evocative satirical condemnation, while bizarrely appreciating and respecting the generation it rolls its eyes and shakes its fists at.

In a move that is almost too self-aware, the theme becomes one of making better choices, and learning that life is still screwy, and things don’t magically work out for the best, just because you tried to think like an adult in making your decisions.

The shift actually ends up returning the girls to the show’s earliest days of the self-absorbed swarm of trivial existence, but now with a different approach to vocalizing the perspective.

Hannah is leaving for Iowa, and the first couple of episodes make a giant show of her confidence in not only her decision, but her theory of her decision. Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is now in AA, and does with that just what you might expect in terms of her attitude toward everyone and everything else.┬áMarnie (Allison Williams) is having an affair with her musical partner, which frequently feels like she had an overly positive reaction to seeing Once, and plays out as the audience’s main connection to the uncomfortable response the show loves to elicit.

Given that Hannah and Adam (Adam Driver) are moving toward a long-distance relationship, and the general idea that we are supposed to love to hate Adam, we’re pretty clear where things are heading there. Moreover, the first episodes of the season almost become sarcastic in their display of Adam, which is bizarrely brought home as the season progresses, and he finds himself in his own set of irritating circumstances.

Still, the show is probably better than it has ever been, largely because Lena Dunham never settles for a specific avenue of torturous inquiry. Love it, or hate it, the show never offers up what it thinks will simply work best, or satisfy fans.

It may not always provide the most entertaining look, but it’s an honest one. It’s best trick is that it is often not so simple to figure out exactly what it’s being honest about, or when it is flat out lying, in order to be honest.



Marc Eastman
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