Scream Queens New Promo Trailer Blows The Lid Off… Something

In case you weren’t altogether sure exactly what was coming your way with FOX‘s new effort, Scream Queens, there’s finally a sneak peek for you. Take a look above.

The show proudly announces that it is by the creators of GLEE and American Horror Story (and is apparently reusing sets of the latter), but doesn’t just come out and say who that is, which is decidedly odd marketing. If those two shows do any work convincing you to watch, you know who Ryan Murphy is.

At any rate, you might expect that the show might as well be AHS: Sorority, but you’d be slightly misled there. While AHS has slid down a deplorably goofy slope since its first season, the problem with that show is that it took itself seriously. While that may turn out to be the case here as well, it looks from the promo that Scream Queens takes that extra step, and acknowledges that its ludicrous. Thus, it might actually be fun.

I’m still not convinced by Emma Roberts, but Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele give you something to grab in the promo. Well, and then someone gets a knife in the throat, and the show stops pretending at seriousness.

Here’s hoping.

Scream Queens FOX
photo- Steve Dietl/FOX


Marc Eastman
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