Goodbye Christopher Robin Releases Feel Good Trailer That Defies Dark Title

You can hardly expect you won’t have a good time with anything connected to Winnie the Pooh, but Goodbye Christopher Robin is a multi-faceted adventure that details the creation of the beloved stories, and the family and times that are behind that creative endeavor. The film has released a trailer, and the narration paints a picture of hope and happiness in a world gone made, but it apparently isn’t as simple as even that.

First off, the title is depressing. I mean, what kind of story starts with “Goodbye?”

More to the point, the official synopsis gives us – “Christopher Robin and his family are swept up in the international success of the books; the enchanting tales bringing hope and comfort to England after the First World War.   But with the eyes of the world on Christopher Robin, what will the cost be to the family?”

What will the cost be to the family? Who would have guessed that the story of one of the most beloved stories and characters ever would try to reel you in with, “What will the cost be to the family?” Sure, it works, in its own way, because… well, because you want to know what the cost will be, but that doesn’t sound like a fun story. That sounds like a story that suddenly goes all “Old Yeller” on you, and who wants to have something dark floating around Winnie the Pooh the next time you’re at a Disney park?

Well, whatever good or ill may come of learning whatever we’ll learn, the film is hitting in October, and has a decidedly interesting cast. Domhnall Gleeson plays A. A. Milne, and he’s really one of the best actors working today. Will Tilston is Christopher Robin, Margot Robbie plays Daphne Milne, A. A.’s wife, and Kelly Macdonald is Olive, Christopher’s nanny.

It should be a wonderful film, but I wonder if this trailer isn’t something of a trick that has narration leading us to believe that joy is going to spill out into the world, only to bamboozle us into a film that isn’t fun at all. It’ll be interesting to see what we get between now and October that lays out more of the story.

Goodbye Christopher Robin Trailer

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Marc Eastman
Marc Eastman is the owner and operator of Are You Screening? and has been writing film reviews for over a decade, and several branches of the internet's film review world have seen his name. He is also a member of The Broadcast Film Critics Association and The Broadcast Television Journalists Association.

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